Women's Retreat Content

How Will God Catch Hold of Your Heart?

The WORD Ministry Retreat is a unique opportunity that allows God to make a personal impact on your life. During the three-day retreat women will share about their personal journey with God. Elements within the retreat work together to help you build powerful bonds with other women, as well as encourage a stronger, deeper understanding and love for the One who made you. No preaching or lecturing. Just women serving, supporting and encouraging each other.

The WORD Retreat…will change your life.

What is it?

The WORD Retreat is a three day retreat that begins on Thursday evening and ends at a Celebration service at the host church. The WORD Retreat’s focus is to help women experience the love and grace of Christ through the Gospel story and in relationship to meeting the TEAM and being served by them.

What is included?

The registration cost covers your lodging, food, and materials. 

What will happen at the retreat?

We will learn more about God’s reasons for bringing Christ into the world. No preaching but personal stories from women who have experienced the power of Jesus in their lives. There will be opportunities for prayer, quiet reflection, and getting to know other sisters in Christ.

Why should I attend?

To experience the power of the Gospel message; To come alive in your faith in Jesus Christ; To create a stronger bond of community with other women.