Practicing The Way

Practicing The Way from Bridgetown Church on Vimeo.

The most important part of the Word Retreat Ministry is the discipleship training that takes place before and right after each Retreat. This year we are offering a Disciple Training study based upon a series of sermons by John Mark Comer, the Pastor of Bridgetown Church in Oregon.  


Our team has developed discussion questions based upon the sermon series called  “Practicing the Way.”  Below you will find the twelve week sermon series and our discussion questions. Please read the discussion question first and then follow the link to the “Practicing the Way” website to listen to each message.

There are also practical helps to go deeper on the “Practicing the Way” website that follows each message. Check it out, it is very helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us.

“A disciple is a learner, a student, an apprentice – a practitioner… Disciples of Jesus are people who do not just profess certain views as their own but apply their growing understanding of life in the Kingdom of the Heavens to every aspect of their life on earth.” -Dallas Willard

1. Practicing The Way

What does it mean to “follow” Jesus? We must be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did.
Discussion Guide Wk 1

2. Be With Jesus

The first goal of apprenticeship to Jesus. But how do we “abide in the vine” in the chaos of the urban, digital world?
Practicing the Way 2WG

3. Become Like Jesus

How do we actually change to become like Jesus? Is real and authentic transformation really possible? Consider putting to memory Romans 12:1
Practicing the Way 3WG

4. Do What Jesus Did

We are called to not only follow Jesus in spirit but we are called to continue his work on earth as it is in heaven.
Practicing the Way 4WG

5. How We Change: Teaching & Practice

Deep down, we all know we’re broken and need to change. The question is, how?
Practicing the Way 5WG

6. How We Change:  Key Thoughts on Practice

The spiritual disciplines are how we posture our mind and body to access the Holy Spirit.
Practicing the Way 6WG

7. How We Change: Community

Community plays a vital role in our transformation. Discipleship to Jesus happens when we share life with people.
Practicing the Way 7WG

8. How We Change: Community as Family

Central to Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom is the calling of a new family, not built around blood but around apprenticeship.

9.How We Change: Community and Confrontation

Conflict is unavoidable in any relationship. Jesus taught us to deal with conflict to become a stronger, better community.

10. How We Change: The Holy Spirit

Transformation is a partnership with God. It’s the Holy Spirit that plays the main role in our healing and freedom.

Practicing the Way 10 WG 

11. The Cross: Self-Denial in an Age of Self-Fulfillment

At the center of apprenticeship to Jesus is the cross. Now we wrestle with the call to self-denial in an age of self-fulfillment.
Practicing the Way 11WG

12. Hurry: The Great Enemy of Spiritual Life

To live the way of Jesus, we have to slow down. But this is hard to do in the urban, digital world we call home.
Practicing the Way 12WG